It is necessary to upgrade Joomla for your website safety. Keep your Joomla up-to-date is an easy job, when it comes to upgrading within the same major version you are using, but it is also has disadvantage that the process of migrating between 2 version (recently version and the new one) is not easy to do. However, we tried our best to make this tutorial as simple as possible, but still work, as well.

upgrade joomla

Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x are two officially supported main versions of Joomla up to now, the developers work and provide security, as well as bug fixes constantly on both of them. You should consider to minor release (for 2.5.x or 3.x) if you are using any of these versions. It is an easy job to upgrade your Joomla to a new version in the same branch by Joomla Administrator just with one “click”.

About Joomla 1.0 or Joomla 1.5, these versions are the older major version and they are not be supported any longer. All users are strongly recommended to update “at least” to Joomla 2.5 as soon as possible. Moreover, when Joomla 3 branch reaches ít 3.5 release, which will become the encouraged version for all available Joomla websites and Joomla 2.5 users will tend to move to the new one, too.  Updating from one Joomla main version to another one is not a easy job, but it may require you try more, especially with complex websites.

In this tutorial, we will divide it into 2 parts, which are upgrading within the same Joomla version and upgrading from one major version to another one.

  • Upgrade Joomla within the same Joomla version

You need to access your administrative area first to upgrade your Joomla manually at this link: Then Joomla 3 will automatically check for new versions at its official repository. If there is a new version available, a notification in your quick links will be shown. Click Update now! to proceed.



You will be leaded to the Joomla update page, information of your current Joomla version will be shown along with the latest one you are going to upgrade, the update package URL, and the installation method. As you can see, the default settings is fine enough, so you don’t have to make any change here. All you should do is just click Install the update button.


 Your Joomla website will be upgraded to the newest version and a screen of confirmation for the successful update will be shown in few seconds later! That’s it!

  • Upgrade Joomla from one major version to another one

Note Remember to backup your current Joomla before starting migration, just in case any of you important extension turns out to be incompatible with new Joomla version.

Usually your current template and extensions may not be compatible with the new Joomla version, which means when you complete the upgrading process, all your content will be transferred to the new version, but may need to change or update all templates and extensions before your website actually start working.

We will describe how to upgrade from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3 step by step.

– STEP 1: Login to your administrative area.

– STEP 2: Navigate to This will take you directly to the Joomla Update page. Here you need to click on the Options button to switch to short-term release settings for the update server.


– STEP 3: All the available settings for the Joomla Update component will appear in a pop-up. Now click on the drop-down menu next to the Update Server –> Short Term Support –> Save & Close.


As soon as you switch to the short-term version update server, Joomla will detect an available update right away. Press the Install the Update button to proceed the upgrade.


– STEP 4: It will take a few seconds to migrate the content. Remember NOT to close your browser window during that process. You will see a confirmation for the successful migration as the picture below.


If you see this confirmation, then Congratulations! You succeed in upgrade Joomla!

In case you still curious about something of this tutorial or anything, please feel free to contact us by leaving comment below, we will always there to help you solve your problem. Thank you so much for reading!



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