Joomla 3 supplies users with an extremely diversity of options to create many kinds of content and build it on your website. In this tutorial we will show you the way to create a simple page and display it in Menu of your Joomla site.

  • Create Joomla Articles

Your pages’ content mainly include images, text, along with hyperlink which are created in the Article Manager,  to get there, in Joomla 3 Admin page, choose Content –> Article Manager –> Add New Article.



An editor look like a picture below will appear so that you can write and format your new article text, add images & links to it, and more. (Remember to put your article on Published Status and Public Access to make it visible to all viewer)



  • Link articles in Joomla 3 Menu

When you finish your article, you should link it in the menu of your website, which makes it easy for viewers to find and see it. To do this, choose Menus –> Main Menu –> Add New Menu Item.


Then you need to select the type of the menu item to create a new menu item:


To link content created through the Article manager, click on the  Articles link in the list. If you want the new menu to simply open the created article, choose the Single Article option, then a box for selecting which article you want to link to will appear:


Now let’s open your website to see your newly created menu item that links to your new Joomla article. If you want the article you just created to be the only one shown on your home page, just follow the instructions above, but let’s edit the existing Home menu item, instead of creating a new menu item.

That’s all of out tutorial today. If you have any question or problem during using Joomla!, please feel free to let us know by leaving your comment below, we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading!

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